Every so often I manage to set an image to paper. At least it starts there, a very ugly sketch on a scrap of white trace or on a yellow legal pad between notes on building programs and my list of things to be done that day. Many hours later, with the help of a scanner and a bit of software, these sketches have somehow ended up here. Most are of a Furry nature, of persona who skip between the virtual stars of a place called Furry Space.

My first attempt at drawing a furr. Elik's mine, the quiet dockmaster of Dreamstar Station.
  Kibra Dysaan
Ellik's beloved lady, a doctor of the Cygnus Sector Authority, asigned to the good ship CSA Darktower.
Ellik's little sister.
  Chastity DeLameter-Ward
The Commander and Governor of the Cygnus Sector Authority. Lady DeLameter alwys seems to be carrying the weight of an entire world upon her shoulder. Methinks she needs another vacation.
  Jessica DelSol
A fine lady wolf with an equally long tale. The sketch is of when she was part of the Stormhaven clan, and was a birthday present for her player.
Loki Laufeyjarson
Dear friend Loki, something would definitely missing without your sly and friendly lear. Another present, this time a Christmas gift.
  Lady Zalitha bes Kasteyao
But a memory, of a princess fair. her passing took something fromFurryspace, a touch of innocence it never regained. All that is left is the Dark, for when it comes to the end of the day and the coming of night, the final truth is that the bad guys won.
The fierce wolverbabe of the Independent Trader's Guild, and the very last person you might want to find blocking your path. Glady done at her player's request.
A skreek in his natural habitat.
   Skatt and Friends
A cat, a wolf and fox, what could be more natural? Skatt was looking for some new recruits for Despayre Station, but I somehow don't think this is quite what he expected...
  Bakita and Krysti
A thank you for Bakita's player, in return for a new friendship and the most wonderful drawings he has done for some of my characters ...


Its always nice when your character falls in love ... its even more wonderful when its the lovely lynx who falls in love with the wolf.
Run down, battered and tossed aside.And when I looked up and was found by a friend, one who went out of their way to seek me out. A gift to one who stood by me, even if it was from half a world away.

Technical Drawings
These sketches layout a few offices, workshacks and stations which can be found in FurryMUCK's Furryspace or in FurrySpaceMUCK.

ITG Docking Facilities
ITG Offices - Dreamstar Station Arcade
ITG Offices - Detailed Floor Plan
The headquarters of the Independent Trader's Guild located on Dreamstar Station.
VCK Limited Workshack
A small industrial workstation, this facility serves field office, machine shop and residence for the VCK Ltd. crewfurrs while working a construction jobsite.
Despayre Station Elevation
Despayre Station Ring Plan - Green and Yellow Sectors
Despayre Station Ring Plan - Green and Red Sectors
Despayre Station Docking and Prodiuction Modules
The gateway into the Cygnus Sector Authority, Despayre Station is a small facility which serves as a trading point and production center. It was the second built but first comissioned station constructed by VCK Ltd.


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