These are some of the places I like to travel to
My lady's home page, where you can find out more about me and my family, if your curious soul desires.
A site of wonderfully literate essays ranging from religion to ethics to gaming.

My Morning Comics


 Ozy and Millie
My very favourite online comic strip, by DC Simpson. Simply fun and simply bright.

Sharp, witty and occassionaly very biting. Okay.
ALWAYS very biting. Good Stuff. And Monique doesn't hurt either.


My second stop every other day.

I wish I went to Avalon High ... I probably would have asked Ceilidgh out on a date. She probably would have said "no."


 Tales from Mynarski Forest
Skippy and Liska reminds me of a few friends I have...

 Kevin & Kell
How can you not like a wolf who works for Herdthinners Inc?


Simply put, Norman makes BunBun look kind and gentle, housebroken and domesticated.

 Funny Farm
Whereas Ront, Mewn and Gulius reminds me of a few folks I work with...

 The Suburban Jungle
What can be said about Tiffany Tiger? To use the words of one of her heroes, she's g-r-r-r-r-eat!


 Tikaboo Peak
Any comic with aliens, a cat named Nimitz, and a moose is definitely worth looking in to.

I don't think words can describe Goats. Okay, words like deranged, quirky, and beer might be able to describe goats.


Walter Mitty has nothing on Alice. Thank all the Gods and Godesses she has Dot to rein her in.

Yes, it has superheroes as you have never seen them before! But even more important it has Crushed the Doomed Kitty! Yea!


Nick and Ki are, well, quite simply, cool! Well cool, in a geeky kinda way...

 Bruno the Bandit
He's not smart but he's very funny. This generation's Fineous Fingers!


Cute. Very Cute. In a Resevoir Dogs meets Natural Born Killers kind of way.

 Penny Arcade
Gabe and Tycho really know their games. Except Gabe has this problem with wolverines ...


  When I Grow Up
I tried to find another comic which would take its place side by side with When I grow Up. They all refused. The folks over at PVPOnline said it best ... a sitcom on crack.


 Player versus Player
One of the best online comics, period, sharp and witty and capturing perfectly the gaming community, from Everquest to Diablo to ... gasp! ... face to face gaming. Folks still do that, don't they?


And for everything else I go to the Belfry...


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