in a little part, this story is a reminder that the boundaries of any conflict are not limited to soldiers, officers and the battlefield. but in the most part, at krysti's tale's heart, is the story of the unconditional trust held between a daughter and her father - krysti's tale copyright michael naylor 1999

A view from a different window, looking forward to a place in time where the prerequisite for sacrifice isn't flesh and blood. copyright stephen scott 1999

when it comes to the tools of war, sometimes the price of victory is paid in conscience - the end of innocence copyright jonathan mcdermott 1999

sometimes the difference between life and death is as little as three minutes - the dance copyright brett tamahori 1999

a quiet retelling of a historical occurance, the day after the Black Tuesday raid - farrell's tale copyright michael naylor 1999

victory is not always found on the combat line, no pun intented - vikky's tale copyright michael naylor 1999

The character Chastity DeLameter-Ward has a manner of leadership which has , in turn, a history of engendering respect and loyalty among those associated with her. Her creator, John, has often said he just doesn't understand how this 'cult of personality' has come to be, and has the modest opinion that it isn't quite deserved. John, read your own story, and you'll get a hint at the why this is - flags at half mast copyright jonathan mcdermott 1999

War transforms. It can't help not to. Its toll is measured in lives, in loss, in broken hearts and broken dreams. It also can touch ones soul, directly, and when that happens, you can never go back - stern decision copyright andrew hicks 1999




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